Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Ballad Of...Magazine

Hello you creative lot.

So you all probably have heard about mine and Claire's magazine by now? For those of you that haven't here goes...

As you have probably guessed its called 'Ballad Of...' and will be targetting young talent from photography to creative writing. So plenty of avenues for us to go down. If you have done anything amazing recently, or you're a band/dj, and want a review and a feature, then that's also something we will be really interested in.

We are looking for you gorgeous lot to contribute. We have no budget to start with and we are hoping you see it as we do, as an outlet for our creativity.

We are looking for high quality, sleek and professional work (which we know you can do). We're aiming to appeal to the transition period between student and professional, so if anyone wants to get involved send us an expression of interest on here, or on our email: Ballad Of...Magazine

We possibly will be looking to set briefs as well so we will be wanting to see new work.

We look forward to viewing the work.

Lindsey & Claire x

Ballad Of...Magazine