Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Claire's Scrap Book

Nan Goldin: Arles...cannot wait! xc
Goldie Hawn: My heroin

Photogeek: http://www.squareamerica.com/

Stefania Paparelli: 'No such thing as Heather Fields' try and google it! Pretty pretty, moody moody. Guna get on a train from Arles and find some of these wonderful phenomenon's. Lavender- doh! Heh heh.

Florence & the Machine: I'm all about the piccas :P

Tracey Emin:

Egon Schiele: 'What Klimt wasn't brave enough to be'

Ballad Of...The Picture Junkie :P - That is alllll I am...obsessed with the visual :)

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