Thursday, 4 June 2009

Mary Maud is almost here

Mary Maud is nigh...We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their amazing efforts, the work has been outstanding, it was so hard to choose what went into the final publication! But here we go, finally...the list of contributors for Ballad Of Mary Maud:

Ninette Schostack

Emil Charlaff

Roger Renberg

Christopher Kennedy

Lindsey Jade

Ed Watts

Eve Lacey

Louise Cornish

Alexis Dolman

Emily Owens

Emer Hawkins

Christopher Kippax

Josh Armitage

Einar Aslaksen

Katherine Cowell

Catherine Aguilar

Louisa Gray

Vicky Scott

Katie Wright

Catherine B

Sam Dowling

Marjo Loponen

Annette Mangseth

Nina Wagner

Amandine P.

Vorawat Prechawattanachai

Mandeep Natt

Marc Sansome

Phil Chennells

Christina Economidou

Adam Del Core

It is a really amazing issue, we're really proud of it! Thank you to everyone for your contributions. We're only sorry that there wasn't room for everyone. We'll just have to make the next issue double the size!

Love x

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