Friday, 12 June 2009

Creative Protege Ltd - CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!!!

Creative Protege was specifically designed to help Graduates / Juniors within the creative sector onto the industry job ladder. They take live briefs from some of the top design agencies across the UK and pass them onto our grads / juniors to work on in order to get experience on their CVs and commercially viable portfolios with great brands on them.

They act as a virtual agency - you can work at home in your own time whilst we account manage the process. Even though all the work is voluntary, you can list us as a current employer on your CV breaking the catch 22...
Their company is for young people, ran by creative specialists and all contributors are welcome..

Their mission is to rebrand the creative graduate and have the industry take a fresh look at the future talent of the sector...

Don't miss an amazing opportunity it will benefit you 100%

love love xx

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